Your Favorite Dishes. Rotating Daily.

 - Our dishes rotate everyday.

 - Each of our chefs curate dishes to their strengths.

 - We deliver to you, for free. 

 - We only offer online ordering.

 - To learn more, scroll down to "How it Works!"



Lunch Delivery Fried Chicken Sandwich Seattle

How It Works!

1. Choose your food. Each day of the week will unlock different dishes for you to choose from. Our dishes are tailored to provide a complete meal and hold their quality as they are delivered.

2. Choose a pickup station closest to you. We will have pickup stations in central areas with plenty of signage to make sure you find them! 

3. Choose your delivery time. You will have three time slots to choose from. You can start ordering as early as 3pm the day before and up to 30 minutes before your desired time slot. The advanced ordering allows us to offer free delivery for everyone!)

4. Grab up your food at your selected pickup station! You'll receive a text or email notification when your food is there. Go to your pickup station and grab your food!